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Is Your Space Instagram Worthy?

What’s Instagram worthy?

Everyone wants a home to be proud of but, keeping it perfect in real everyday life? Not a chance!

We all have WAY too much to do these days. However, if you are preparing to take photos for the MLS, listing a short term rental, or just having fun posting on social media, you'll want to have fast and easy tricks to make your home look great and you look like a rock star!

Sound good? So if you're in, scroll down for our top tips, and don't forget to hit share!

Clear the clutter First step you’ll probably need to take is a quick tidy up and clean off the space you want to photograph. Studies show that the photos on Instagram that get the most ‘likes’ are those with lots of uncluttered space, with blue tones in them.

Set the scene

You’ll want to ensure there is an element of contrast and texture within the shot to make sure there’s something interesting to look at. Give the space some texture like a chunky throw to the end of the bed or a small rattan basket with a plant in it on the floor. Then layer these pieces so some items are closer to the camera and some are further away.


Look for the softest lighting times – the couple of hours after dawn and the couple of hours before dusk. A cloudy day is often the best for reducing harsh shadows. Make sure light is coming from the side or behind you. Use lots of natural light whenever possible.

Crop it

Off-center crops can look more updated and interesting. Go for some close-ups of a fabulous architectural feature, vignette or amenity. Set your camera on "Portrait" to blur the background.

New perspective

Most people hold the camera around eye level and snap. Taking photos from a different vantage point will provide fresh perspectives, even when it comes to a familiar place or subject. Try shooting from above or below or crouching low to the ground.

Steady as you go

Use a tripod to get clearer images. If you don’t have one, steady yourself by leaning against something. Stand with feet apart and squeeze arms into chest. Avoid the distorted wall look by keeping your camera pointed straight ahead, not tilted forward or back.

We can help you pull it all together! Realign Design now offers photo prep staging services, one or two hour sessions available. Book your appointment online or drop us an email:

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