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Limited space shouldn’t mean limited options!


You may not have the outdoor real estate for a grand glorious garden or outdoor patio seating for 10, but you can creatively craft a cozy, outdoor experience with the space you do have with surprising little effort. You’ll find many outdoor items at Pier1 Imports, Walmart and HomeGoods, but Home Depot and Lowe’s have great seasonal bargains as well. So here are some tips to turn small outdoor spaces into your own outdoor oasis!

Seating and Décor

  • Create an intimate seating area with a café or bistro set that fits smaller spaces perfectly (add some blooms from your planters on the table!)

  • Add some string lighting or outdoor sconces for a special, mood lighting effect

  • Use an area rug here to visually pull this space together

  • Change up colorful seat cushions for additional color and emphasis to the chairs (use a color from the area rug!)

  • Add fold-out or floating wall shelving for a very practical and eye-catching outdoor display solution

  • Candle lit lanterns and hurricane glasses create a visually warm atmosphere

  • Don’t hesitate to borrow from your kitchen by mixing in seasonal pieces that can live outside like serving dishes and linens

Space Saving Planting/Potting

  • Fence planters and window boxes are perfect outdoor space savers by keeping plants higher to save lower ground space

  • Opt for vertical flower beds or potting benches to layer the look or boarder the area

  • Add hanging plants to draw the eye up and add dimension

Unique Gardening

  • Try companion gardening by adding two or more different plants and flowers to one pot

  • Add potted trees in a corner to heighten the area

  • Utilize shade loving plants if you don’t get much sun to still achieve a gardened look (I’ve learned trial by error that plants do need the sun that is recommended!)

Finally, stick with a theme. Use the same style and color shades or patterns to help complete your outdoor look!

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