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What can a color consultation do for you?

You may not know all the benefits a color consult can bring to you. Many people think it's only for the super-rich that have their homes published in home magazines. Not true! Everyone can benefit from a consultation and, in many cases, a consultation can actually save you money.

To see all the ways a color consultation can benefit you, continue reading below!

1. We Know What's Trending Not everyone has time to keep up with the latest home decorating and color trends.

That's our job! A color consultant can show you what's trending in the industry. It may not be that important to you to have the top color trends in your home but, if you're thinking of resale value, you'll want to have colors that attract today's buyer.

2. We Help You Pull Everything Together You may already have a great color scheme in your home but can't seem to pull everything together to make it work. A color consultant can look at your existing color scheme and suggest ways to mix things up to find the perfect balance.

If you don't already have a color palette put together, your consultant can use your existing furnishings and tastes to create something based on what you already have in your home.

3. We Can Save You Money Every time you purchase a sample can of paint or send for fabric swatches, it costs you money, and you still may be no closer to choosing a color palette for your home.

Just one visit with a color consultant can help you make better choices and save you from expensive mistakes.

4. We Can Save You Time If you have been trying to come up with decorating and color ideas for your home, you've probably spent several hours going over Pinterest boards, paint color fan decks and fabric swatches. Working with a color consultant can save you time because we're already researched the best color combinations for you. You won't be overwhelmed by hundreds of colors because your consultant will help you narrow down your choices after just the first meeting.

What should you expect? While every consultant has their own process and way of working, there are some common outcomes that all consultants should provide.

• Create a custom color palette to compliment your home

• Show you options that you may have never considered before

• Help you choose colors that will make furnishing the space easy

• Leave you with all the information you'll need to complete your project

Ready to get started? We are expert color consultants and will guide you through choosing the best colors to work with your existing furnishings or introduce new colors through accessories. Realign Design is a professional certified home staging and design company located in Bergen County, NJ. We partner with homeowners, realtors and investors to present the client's space at it's very best, whether selling, dwelling or renting


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